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 Direct Billing:

1.Emirates Airlines Insurance

Category A: Direct billing

Category B: Pay & Claim

Category C: Direct billing with referral form

2-Neuron Insurance Card Holders are accepted as direct billing.

3.Non-Network Insurances

A health care provider that is not part of an individual’s health insurance plan is called Non-network Provider. All insurances other than those stated above (Our Insurance Partners) are not accepted as direct billing. This does mean that your visit and services rendered will not be covered and paid by your insurance (unless the service done is part of your policy exclusions). It simply means that there is no agreed contract between the clinic and the insurance company, thus, it will be on a pay-and-claim basis, and we will prepare all paper works for you to submit your claims to your insurance for reimbursement.

Reimbursement Process Assistance:

Out of network & indirect billing can be frustrating and confusing to many Expats, we plan to make it simple and straightforward:

  • Read your policy as to coverage of services and exclusion of facilities
  • Look for out of network Co-pay percentage, what we call a penalty to see a non contracted physician (usually 0%-20% of billed amount)
  • Almost all forms including a billing invoices claim form and a medical report if needed can be filed online
  • Recovered payment will be posted on your bank account depending on your policy between 02-60 days with an average of two weeks
  • Our team can assist with all details and filings
  • We strongly wish our clients not to come out of pocket for services not excluded and gladly absorb the penalty imposed for visiting a non network physician up to a maximum of 20% with proof of policy terms
  • Our team acts on your behalf to work for Hospitalisation pre approvals and coverage
  • Unfortunately our professional surgical fees are paid in advance but on special circumstances  we can arrange a delayed payment plan up to 60 days with certain documents required.
  • Bottom line is our sincere desire to serve you for all your medical needs.


DKK Accounting is a team of professionals, providing a one stop solution to your complete business requirements ranging from VAT Consulting services, Registration, Business Impact Assessment, Implementation, VAT return
preparation, feasibility studies, business set-up, book-keeping and accounting, CFO services and setting up internal controls. We are registered professional accounting firm with DED (Dubai Economic Department), UAE.


Established in 2000, CryoSave is the largest European allogenic and autologous private stem cell bank fully authorized for transplantations by the National Swiss Agency for therapeutic products and fully accredited as a licensed Organ and Tissue Establishment for the collection, analysis, processing and preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. With more than 330’000 samples stored and 5 storage facilities throughout the world, our long established professionalism and expertise is recognised by the medical community providing the basis for a strong and reliable organisation.