Nuchal Translucency / First Trimester …

Nuchal Translucency (NT) is a collection of fluid under the skin at the back of your baby’s neck which can be measured using an ultrasound at around 11 – 13 weeks of pregnancy.

What is the purpose of this scan?

NT Scan / First Trimester screening ultrasound is done to:

1. Confirm a viable (alive) intrauterine pregnancy which is demonstrated by a positive fetal heart beat.

2. Date a pregnancy by measuring the CRL – Crown Rump Length (measurement from the top of your baby’s head to the bottom)

3. Diagnose multiple pregnancies.

4. Provide basic anatomical survey of your developing baby. A number of common major structural anomalies can be seen at this stage

5. Assess and calculate your baby’s risk of being affected by chromosomal anomalies like Down’s Syndrome.

How is the ultrasound done?

Ultrasound is usually done transabdominally. In some occasions, a transvaginal scan (internal ultrasound) is needed and there are times that it will be difficult for the doctor / sonographer to measure because of baby’s position, you might be asked to wait or move around for few minutes to have the exact position to be able to do the measurements needed.

You will be given a report with the findings of the ultrasound, the number of baby / babies, calculated risks, and expected date of delivery. Basic anatomical structures that can be seen at this stage will also be described.

A blood test will be taken as well which will measure levels of  two pregnancy-specific hormones in your blood  (beta hcg, plasma protein-A). These levels will be calculated together with the ultrasound findings to obtain a final risk assessment of Trisomies (T21, T13 & T18). The final result will be back in 2-3 days. You will be notified by the doctor / nurses of your results and copy of the final assessment report will be sent to your email as well as to your referring phycisian.