Colposcopy Machine (COLpro222DX)

Colposcopy is a way for the doctor to use a special magnifying device called a colposcope to look at your vulva, vagina and cervix.

The clinic uses digital video colposcope (COLpro222DX) which incorporates latest digital signal processing technology to provide high resolution images for effective colposcopy diagnosis and treatment.

–     Direct-to-screen provides full-screen, high-resolution images of view.

–     HID lamp offers 50% whiter, brighter light than halogen for true tissue color.

–     No couplers or beam splitters to degrade image quality or field.

–     Push button on-screen magnification index.

–     Unique polarization filter removes glare for accurate tissue assessment.

–     Electronic green filter removes red from image with no light loss.

–     Store, retrieve, compare, annotate and transmit images.

–     Advanced image management, and a variety of documentation options available.