We can't begin to express our gratitude to Dr. Amir Nasseri and the wonderful team at N9NE Medical for all of their support throughout our pregnancy and the delivery of the greatest gift - our first born daughter Alba! It was the most personalized and caring experience imaginable. See you soon, for number 2!


Dr. Amir delivered both our daughter - Sara (born May 2013) and our son - Laith (born November 2015). From the outset Dr. Amir provided a truly unique and personal service. Putting aside the fundamentals (terrific credentials, highly qualified, impressive client list and bucket loads of experience) it comes down to this : Dr. Amir provides a degree of accessibility, kindness and continuing support that is unrivaled. Throughout both pregnancies he didn't miss one phone call or whatsapp message. I'm sure I asked some ridiculous questions at inconvenient times, but I never would have known. My husband really appreciated the level of detail and information provided during scans and became just as attached to Dr. Amir as I did! We also absolutely love Dr. Amir's nurses Leah and Hazel and Melissa on the front desk - who greets us like old friends! His entire team are worth their weight in gold. Pre pregnancy: I have polycystic ovaries and was concerned that getting pregnant would take some time (as this was the advice given by other doctors). Dr. Amir reassured me that this was not going to be the case at all and basically provided a stress free formula that worked a charm both times. We raved about him so much that two friends from overseas who were having difficulties getting pregnant flew in for a consult and got the results they wanted within a few months. He really is a wizard! Delivery 1: Perhaps the best example of just how lucky we felt to have Dr. Amir as our doctor was in May 2013 when Sara decided to make a run for it and broke her bag of water a month early. We were supposed to deliver in June at City Hospital but had heard that their ICU for premature babies was full and therefore we wouldn't be able to deliver there. Dr. Amir magically got us into a position where he would be able to deliver us at a different hospital. As the hospital was new, he accompanied us to there to make sure we were comfortable. I was to be monitored and ultimately induced to ensure I didn't get an infection and the process would ultimately take 27 hours (from when I first called Dr. Amir at 6am until Sara was born the following day at 9am). Incredibly Dr. Amir did not leave our side the entire time (apart from during a 2 hour window to rush off and do a section for another patient). He even slept outside our room on a chair at one point until the contractions picked up. Needless to say, despite the early arrival and various other less than ideal circumstances beyond our control we felt extremely safe in Dr. Amir's care and Sara arrived in great form without requirement for the ICU. Delivery 2: The second pregnancy was full term and delivery was like a dream. People really don't believe me when I say it but we actually had fun during this labour. The right amount of epidural at the right time really is the business! Dr. Amir works with the fantastic team at City Hospital which is a huge bonus. We cannot recommend Dr. Amir and N9ne medical clinic highly enough, the only complaint we have is that he is not also a pediatrician!


My name is Tamara Naqawa, and it will be my pleasure to share my first experience in delivering my third son in Dubai under the supervision of the great well experienced Gynecologist Dr. Ayed Halaweh and his staff "Nine Clinic". He was able to care and treat women during prenatal, natal, and postnatal periods and to assist and care for others by providing personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to others such as coworkers, customers, or patients. Making decisions and solving problems by analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problem. Perform cesarean sections or other surgical procedures as needed to preserve patients' health and deliver babies safely. Direct and coordinate activities of nurses, students, assistants, specialists, ultation and advice to others by providing guidance and expert advice to management or other groups on technical, systems or process-related topics (counsel patients concerning diet, refer patients to community resources and prescribe or recommend). Nine Clinic staff of nurses were expert in collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical histories, reports, and examination results, analyze records, reports, test results or examination information to diagnose medical condition of patient and to monitor patient’s conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as necessary under the supervision of Dr. Ayed. Thank you for all the efforts made and the outstanding Medical care provided during my journey of pregnancy and after delivery.


Dr. Amir is the reason that I am able to call myself a mother.  I first went to see him when we were thinking about starting a family a few years ago and I instantly felt very relaxed, calm and confident with him.  Throughout my pregnancy Dr. Amir and his nurses provided extraordinary care that meant that an issue with one of my twin's placentas was picked up very early. He was always honest, understanding, incredibly knowledgeable and contactable, meaning that what could have been a very scary period of my life, was much easier knowing that I was in his care. On the day that I had to have an emergency C-section, Dr. Amir's professionalism and empathy was such that my husband and I had absolutely no doubt in his decisions. The aftercare I received was second to none and I would recommend Dr. Amir and his wonderful nurses to anyone without any hesitation.  We will always be so grateful and indebted to him for the safe arrival of our twins.


I moved to Dubai seven months pregnant. Dr. Amir and his staff are more than I could have hoped for in an OBGYN. Dr. Amir delivered both of my children (2010 & 2015), the youngest being a high risk pregnancy. The level of care and professionalism Dr. Amir and his staff provides is always above and beyond. He treats his patients as though you are family. Dr. Amir very naturally is able to put parents-to-be at ease with his precision, knowledge and care. I believe it is rare to find a doctor as genuine as Dr. Amir. He takes great pride in his work and patient relationships. I was able (and still am able) to contact him at any time and he still checks in on myself and children. The N9NE Medical Clinic and staff are top notch. You never feel like you are visiting the doctor! Dr. Amir has been extremely helpful and life saving (even after pregnancy) with a variety of medical issues, going above and beyond his role of OBGYN.


Dr. Amir and the whole N9NE team were just spectacular from the first day we came to them for advice when we found out we were pregnant. Their care and professionalism is just what we needed and we were so at ease knowing our pregnancy was in their hands. Step by step and day by day till the delivery and after - they were available, there's nothing they wouldn't do or give to make our pregnancy stress free. We appreciate all staff members at N9NE and what they did for us. Our baby boy (Lusanda) was in safe hands and we're happy we came to them. Keep up the good and professional work at N9NE.


We moved to Dubai 2 years ago and when we found we were pregnant, I wasn't sure what it would look like to have a baby here. Thankfully, we found Dr. Amir and N9ne Medical. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Amir and his clinic. They provided outstanding medical care for our baby and for me throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery. He was present and his high medical skill was very evident. If you are looking for a doctor with medical expertise who will give you outstanding personal care, Dr. Amir is a perfect fit.


I love Dr. Amir and the whole team at N9ne Medical. Dr. Amir has been my doctor for almost five years, and he delivered both of my children. The level of care is second to none, and he truly knows me as a person, not just a patient. Every person in the office is lovely, friendly, and great at their job. Thank you to the entire team! Love you guys. :)


Tried a lot of Gynaecologist and Dr. Ayed Halawa made me feel at home and comfortable. Very satisfied of the services he provided and was very helpful on my healing process from the surgeries done to me.  All my surgical procedures are healing well and sutures are very neat, after my latest surgery I recovered very well and was able to come back to work immediately without any complications so far.  I want to also commend the team in N9ne Medical Institute for a job well done especially Dr. Amir Nasseri for assisting Dr. Ayed on my previous major surgery and Leah for the admin stuff.  A big thank you to all!!! Looking forward to see you! Inshallah soon I will be visiting you guys with a baby on the way! :)


With a great pleasure I am sending you my recommendations.
Dr. Amir Nasseri was my OB while I was pregnant with my first baby.He is fantastic! Always happy to answer all the questions I brought with me to my appointments and available even during his holidays.
At Nine Medical Clinic I was always treated in a friendly and respectful manner by Dr. Amir , Dr.Ayed and the whole staff- truly an amazing team. I was lucky to have him as my OB.
 He ended up delivering my baby as per a scheduled c-section and did an amazing job with my surgery leaving hardly any scare at all and a quick recovery time!
 If I will have another baby I definitely know who I want my OB to be.
Please find the attached pictures of Baby Ryan 😉 weight 3165 kg.


“We were referred to Dr. Amir Nasseri through 2 of our friends in Abu Dhabi who had an excellent experience in delivering their babies with Dr. Amir.  These friends made the journey from Abu Dhabi just to be looked after by Dr. Amir throughout their pregnancies and delivery process.  We also live in Abu Dhabi and decided to follow their footsteps.  What we found from the service provided by Dr. Amir and his nursing and administration staff was nothing short of fantastic with the highest standards of care.  We were very worried about my case as a high risk pregnancy since I had a very difficult delivery for my first child with emergency C-section and loss of half my blood.  We were not convinced by other care givers dismissing the dangers of my situation and encouraging me to follow the routines.  Dr. Amir accepted us and immediately gave us confidence and offered his full attention (regular visits, mobile number, Whatsapp, emergency procedures, etc.) to safely look after us until I deliver.  The consultations were efficient and comforting.  All issues were explained in detail and it was always easy to reach the Dr. and his office support.  Insurance formalities were handled efficiently and booking of the hospital etc. was a breeze.  The delivery was very difficult as I had a thick uterus, fibroids and a completely transverse baby.  Dr. Amir had anticipated this difficult delivery and had his assistant surgeon in the theatre. The two doctors were pretty beat up and tired after the C-section, but me and my baby were completely safe.  The delivery process and aftercare was excellent.  The nursing crew even visited us at the hospital!  We always consider Dr. Amir for saving us and are forever grateful to him and his staff.  He is  simply the best gyno and a top person you can find with genuine concern and attention to detail for his patients.”


" I had been having a heavy menstrual pain anemia for a long time and went to see the several doctors. As my symptom got worse, my friend introduced Dr. Amir for me. After the consultation, Dr. Amir suggested the laporoscopic surgery. His explanation was very clear and honest. He also gave me enough chance to have a question to eliminate my anxiety. Thanks to it, all my worries had gone before the surgery. I finally found the doctor I could trust and could decide to have an operation. After the operation, I recovered quickly, no pain anymore and ovaries works normal though my symptom had been so severe. I almost forget my previous pain. After discharge from the hospital, it was no need to worry because I could have a confidence that Dr. Amir had a best follow-up. And it was so. I had considered to have an operation in Japan because of my low English level, but now I'm sure it was the best decision to have a surgery from Dr. Amir. I had been so anxious about the operation in foreign country before I came this clinic. But thanks to the warmhearted and wonderful Doctor and staffs, I'm now fine very much. Thank you so much!!!



N9NE MEDICAL INSTITUTE is very good clinic, Dr. Amir is well experienced expert, very patient. Best choice to stay for pregnancy, you will not regret to make a decision. 

6 June 2017 


Dearest Dr. Amir,
God sent you as a guardian angel in our lives and I can’t thank you enough for the miracle baby I hold in my arms today.
Last year this time was the darkest phase of my life. There I was in the operation theatre with only prayers to back me up and the reassurance that I have the best surgeon and Gynecologist performing the cerclage. Still remember your expression so very well when you found out that cervix had opened. I remember you walking out of the room to think what could be done.
I know all the odds were against me but you found a solution to keep my pregnancy going. I don’t think any other Doctors would have thought the way you do.
I remember you telling me a week or 2 is what you are hoping for. But even a few days will make a difference. But here I am today with my baby in my arms. Not only with your help did I pass that 2-week stage but it was your immaculate hand due to which I carried Na’veh for more than 36 weeks.
Words cannot express how much you mean to Me and Koushal. You brought hope in our lives.
You have set the bar so high that no other doctors come anywhere near your mark.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart to bear with me. My questions and my long messages ( excuse me for this one). I thank you for taking my tensions on your head and giving me a respite.
I thank your wife for being such a support while you handled the most troublesome patient.
May God bless you and your family in abundance.
Thank you once again Dr. Amir.
Loads of love
Koushal, Kavita and Na’veh



OB patient